I am Lukas Steiner, born September 8th 1993 in Zürich, Switzerland. I finished my Bachelor in Business Administration (2017) at the University of St. Gallen and I have decided to take two gap years between my Bachelor and Master studies. I did two internships during the first year at UBS and BOSCH, and the second year is reserved for my trip. In my opinion it doesn’t matter if I finish my Masters by the age of 27 or 28, but what for sure matters is that the older I get, the more challenging it becomes to just take a year off to travel. I am not saying it is impossible, but the hurdle to overcome the daily routine and costs becomes higher.

I was fortunate enough to be able to travel from an early age on. By the age of 16, I did my first big trip alone. I spent one year as an exchange student in Iowa, USA. This was an important milestone for my later life. I was able to improve my English, become more independent, mature and self-confident. Furthermore, I gained trust and confidence in my self, my mind, and body through the mandatory military service in Switzerland. I was able to get to know physical abilities, my limits and my strengths& weaknesses as a Grenadier in Isone. A NAVY Seal once quoted: “When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done.”  This is one out of a few slogans I live by. Another one comes with traveling alone. People always ask me why I travel alone. I guess it’s the freedom you have and the experience you gain that you are actually never alone. Wherever you are, there is always someone around to help you. In general, all over the world people have a warm heart, they are kind and try their best to help you, so never think you are alone. After high-school and military service, I took off on a seven-month world trip with a good friend of mine. We spent time in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, America, Jamaica, Panama, Costa-Rica, and Nicaragua. Now I believe this trip was necessary for me to get to know what I really want. Fancy places are nice, but since I covered a lot of them during that trip, I gained more interest in less developed, and less visited places. During my studies I had a lot of time to travel. I spent 5 weeks in India, traveling from Mumbai all the way up to Manali by public transportation, as well as from Manali to Leh and the area around on a motorcycle (Royal Enfield). I traveled through Mongolia on a horse, spent 2 weeks in the Gobi desert to help out as an English teacher in a local school. I lived 6 Months in Taiwan as an exchange student. I traveled through Vietnam on a motorcycle and discovered many islands on the Philippines as well as some in Japan.  I have the personality to always thrive for more, higher achievements and adventures. People would most likely describe me as an open, talkative guy who laughs a lot with a weakness to be impatient. My interests are so wide that I am hardly bored, and my biggest issue is that a day has only 24 hours.