6 Weeks left

Seriously, time flies… almost a little bit too fast. I have about 2 weeks left before I join the army again for 3 weeks. Three days after I am done with my mandatory military course, I am planning to leave (June18/19). So I guess it’s time for a first post. I will head towards Uri on my first day and probably cross the Alps either through the Lukmanier or Gotthardpass the day after

Right now I am in a real equipment fight, stuff arriving per mail on a daily basis, you can’t imagine how many hours it took to figure out what I need. It probably takes 1-2 months on the bike tofigure out what really I need, the rest will be sent home again😅

Around 3 weeks ago I tested my new Tent in the Italian Alps. It’s a 2 Person Hilleberg tent (Nammatj 2). It’s heavier than others, but also way more durable, ready for every kind of weather I might experience on my way down. It is a nightmare if water gets into your tent, so I think it’s worth to carry a few extra grams (total weight: 3kg)

Tomorrow, I will meet Mr. Simon Pfister from the Green Ethiopia foundation to gain some valuable knowledge about Ethiopia and to discuss possible visits I can do on my way down. I have already received 4 donations, which will be 100% transferred to the Green Ethiopia Foundation

I am currently cycling almost every day, usually one day on the trekking bike and one day on my road bike. The trekking bike is filled with 16kg of weight, to test how the bike responses to different road conditions and speeds

I don’t exactly now yet what to expect from my trip, but I guess that’s the cool thing about it… looking forward to keep you updated:)

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